US Players Get Rakeback on FTP

May 20, 2011 - 1:26 PM EDT

US players are reporting on the Two Plus Two Forums that they are receiving their delayed rakeback payments from Full Tilt Poker. It appears that most if not all Americans have received their final rakeback payments from Full Tilt, which had gone unpaid since the government indicted owners of FTP and two other sites on April 15th. This, along with payments for their “Take 2” and “Leaderboard” promotions, some conversions of tournament tickets to cash, and some refunds of bounced checks and other unsuccessful cash outs, provides some evidence that FTP is making progress toward a full accounting of what they owe each American customer.

Full Tilt Poker has not allowed US players to withdraw since Black Friday, nor have they provided a timeline for doing so. They have made a series of announcements that have provided little information about what is going on in the company and why there have been delays. Competitor Poker Stars began repaying American players on April 26th after the two sites made identical deals with the US Department of Justice on April 19th.  How close Full Tilt is to doing the same remains anyone’s guess.

Edited on 5/21/2011 10:33 PM: Changed “indicted FTP and two other sites” to “indicted owners of…”.

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