Subject: Poker Launches

May 20, 2011 - 10:00 AM EDT

The current poker news landscape is dominated by sites and magazines whose bottom lines depend directly on the news makers, which naturally leads to bias. There are some smaller independent outfits, but these tend to be driven mostly by opinion, gossip, and rumors, and they have their own biases.

Many people simply bypass the poker media completely and instead wade through the Two Plus Two Forums. While 2+2 provides a wonderful resource, it is a discussion forum and not a news site and is thus difficult and time-consuming as a news source. It’s also nearly impossible for people who aren’t extremely well-acquainted with the subtleties of 2+2 to separate signal from noise. As a result, at a time when the poker world is attempting to absorb immense quantities of complicated and important news, the community is starved for good information and solid analysis.

Enter Subject: Poker.

S:P has a very simple goal, embodied by our slogan: “Poker news done right.” A lot of thought has gone into how to provide you, our readers, with the best possible poker news site. We’ll describe a small subset of our many important founding principles here:


First and foremost, Subject: Poker is completely independent. We don’t accept any money from any gambling institutions or their affiliates, and that will never change.

In fact, we currently don’t accept money from anyone. S:P’s primary goal is merely to provide the poker community with information. Its two founders, Thomas Bakker and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (sole owner), have no expectation of profit from this site, nor do any of our reporters, nor do any of us have other affiliations that might taint our motivations. We’d much rather run a site with no real or perceived conflict of interest than make money off of a site that people don’t trust.

If we ever do make a profit off of this site, we’ll make sure that our independence (both real and perceived) stays intact, and we will of course inform the readers.

The Uncontested Best Team in the Business

When the founders of this site began looking for writers, we were extremely picky. We drew up a list of ideal candidates, all of whom had impressed us by their consistent ability to dig for the truth, get the facts right, and provide eye-opening, intelligent, and correct analysis. We considered and rejected many impressive people simply because in our research we saw them get one or two things wrong, and we also had to reject a number of extremely qualified candidates because of potential conflicts of interest. Obviously, we thought that most of those who did pass the test would say no to working for free, and we worried that we’d struggle to find many more people who met our specifications.

Not only did almost all of them say yes, but they were also extremely enthusiastic in doing so. As a result, we now have a dedicated team of writers, each of whom is way overqualified for this job. Frankly, we can’t help but fawn over them.

Those writers are Scott BellMichael “Mookman5″ CorriveauIsaac HaxtonBrain HortonKarak, and Nate Meyvis. Those of you who recognize these names know what to expect from them, and those of you who don’t will be pleasantly surprised. Of course, founders Thomas Bakker and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz will be contributing as well.

As if that team isn’t enough, we plan on adding to the staff as we find more viable candidates, and we have some non-staff writers who plan to contribute as well.

No Opinions Disguised as Fact

Unattributed opinion will not appear in any news or feature articles on this site. While we acknowledge that much of the news in the poker world leads naturally to strong opinions (and our staff of dedicated poker news junkies certainly holds many strong opinions), we do not think that the poker community benefits from the mixing of fact and opinion. Subject: Poker prefers instead to present you with relevant facts and analysis and let you form your own opinion.

(If you are interested in reading well-informed opinions, we recommend reading the many excellent blogs of our founders and reporters, which you can find in their respective biographies. We may in the future add an opinion section to make this content easier to find, but Subject: Poker’s primary function will always be news and analysis. Any opinion that we do add will always be labeled as such.)

Facts with Citations, Analysis with Reasoning

At Subject: Poker, we believe in giving the reader as much information as possible. This includes where we get our own information. As should be abundantly apparent, our articles will typically be littered with links so that the user can verify for himself that what we said is true. When we cannot provide the full details, such as when information comes from anonymous sources, S:P reporters will always provide as much information as their sources will allow in order to help the reader properly judge the veracity of a story.

Of course, simply reporting facts is not enough. We will be providing you with in-depth analysis on stories as well. And, when we do so, we will always be careful to show our work. We want to tell you what conclusions we think can be drawn from the information that we present, but we will always be careful to show you how we got there so that you can decide for yourself if our reasoning is valid.


Again, this is only a small subset of the long list of things that make us unique and make us confident that we’ll be providing a valuable service to our readers. We look forward to doing some great reporting for you. Stay tuned!

Edited on 7/29/2011 5:58 PM EDT: Clarified that Noah is sole owner of S:P.

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4 Responses to Subject: Poker Launches

  1. Lucki Duck
    May 23, 2011 at 12:38 PM EDT

    Linking you to my blog right now!

    Best of luck with your site. I agree that it’s something sorely needed.


  2. Lee Jones
    May 31, 2011 at 5:13 PM EDT

    I’ve often felt that poker needed the equivalent of “Consumer Reports” or “Undercurrent” (a no-advertising newsletter for the scuba diving industry). This is by far the best contender I’ve seen so far.

    I wish you great success.

    Lee Jones

  3. SteveCut
    June 1, 2011 at 6:47 AM EDT

    Well done guys! It’s great to see such a respected group of people doing something to fill this void.

    Good luck!

  4. Self Made
    July 5, 2011 at 5:22 PM EDT

    You seem to have burst out of nowhere to instantly become one of the major poker news sites. You have footnotes(!). But it’s when I read “Thomas and Noah founded Subject: Poker because of general dissatisfaction with the established poker media” that I knew for sure that you’re going to get my “best new poker website” or “best poker news site” award.

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